Beware of California Medical Waste Brokers

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Beware of California Medical Waste Brokers


Beware of California Medical Waste Brokers

California medical waste brokers are entities that companies use as a middleman between themselves and their trash haulers. These brokers normally take over their client’s trash techniques and grow to be the client of the waste hauler, and then in turn bill their clients for trash service. Brokers may signal contracts directly with waste haulers, or may as an alternative pick out to do commercial business on month-to-month basic with their trash providers. Companies use agents for everything from medical waste to recyclables to grease traps.

California medical waste management refers back to the waste generated in healthcare establishments including hospitals, doctor’s workplaces, clinics, dental hospitals, veterinary clinics or hospitals, blood banks, and clinical research institutes, laboratories, or facilities. This waste might also encompass strong waste that is generated during diagnosis treatment, or immunization of people or animals, during the testing or production of biologics or any research pertaining thereto.

Things to Know About California Medical Waste Brokers


The Professionalism of Medical Brokers Could Be Bad For Business

There are plenty of people and brokers in the medical waste disposal industry. The problem lies in the broker partnering with a third party to actually transport and dispose of your California medical waste, but you might not be privy to who that third party is.


Not All Brokers Are Equal: Ascertain Medical Waste Services Offered

Verify all the services this company can adequately and legally offer you before you agree to something.


You may receive poor customer service

If your medical waste broker operates in a different location than yours, you might run into trouble contacting staff and experience a delay in their response time.


Disputes may need to be handled in another state

Would you like to fly across the country to handle any or all disputes? Majority of the contracts with medical waste brokers include a jurisdiction clause, which typically has to be handled in the county and state in which the broker is located.


Protect yourself by doing your homework

With a medical waste disposal broker, ask your rep or account manager the following:

  • Who owns the trucks and hires the workers who will be handling your waste.
  • Are they permitted to do the work in your state?
  • Do they have a  certificate of insurance for the broker and the subcontractor?


Costs can be higher

In most cases, the broker must markup the cost of the work in order to make a profit.


The advantages of the correct Medical Waste Disposal are:

  • Minimizes the unfold of infections and decreases the danger of unintentional harm to staff, clients, traffic, and the local community.
  • Helps provide an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere
  • Reduces odors and other unpleasant sights.
  • Attracts fewer insects and does now not entice animals
  • Reduces the likelihood of contamination of the soil or groundwater with chemical substances or microorganisms.
  • Licensed medical waste companies are only given a license if they meet the requirements specified by their respective state. By hiring a certified company, you can trust you are partnering with experts in this field.


Our medical waste updates blog explains in great detail, how we perform due diligence on anyone you hire to handle your medical waste. If you don’t, you could be putting your business at risk for compliance or customer service problems that may be very difficult to resolve. Better yet, choose a California based and licensed medical waste disposal company.